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What drives people to choose a quick cash house sale?

Sell My House Quickly

Each year, approximately 4-5% of the UK population will move home and 75% of these will stay in the UK. The remaining 25% will emigrate to other locations around the world.

There are many different reasons why people choose to move, and what is driving the house sale will ultimately be the deciding factor on whether they opt for selling the house on the open market or consider a quick cash sale.

Here are some common reasons why people opt for a quick cash sale:

Emigrating to another country

Getting a quick house sale can speed up your relocation to another country. When moving abroad you will have a completion date that you will have to meet, otherwise you could incur further costs. Selling on the open market is a notoriously slow, and often a stressful process. It can take weeks for a property to complete, and there is also the risk that your property chain could break, leaving you, and your plans, in a very vulnerable situation. There is no guarantee that your house will sell by your emigration completion date, so a quick cash sale could provide you with the reassurance you need, as well as the money you need before you leave the country.

Wanting a quick divorce settlement

A divorce or separation is a very emotional and often stressful time for many couples. Agreeing on a financial settlement that is fair to both parties is often challenging, so it is advisable to consider all your options, and if possible, avoid the need to go to Court for resolution. Selling your house quickly may be of great benefit to both parties. Not only will it help to speed up the divorce process, it will also reduce legal costs and help you to both move on with your lives more quickly.

Facing re-possession and financial difficulties

If you are in a dire financial situation, and are potentially facing your home being repossessed, bankruptcy, or court action for non-payment of bills, then you will likely be looking at ways to raise some cash quickly. Sell Your House Quickly guarantees a fair, quick cash price for properties in any condition. If you need to sell your house quickly so you can down-size, pay off your debts or save your business, then we are here to help.

Raising capital for other interests

When you inherit a property you need to decide if you want to live in it, rent it out or sell it. If you decide to sell the property, you have to establish your relationship with the property, so you may be required to apply for Probate. The Probate process can take 6-12 months, but typically is about 9 months. Once you are able to legally sell the property, agreeing to a fair price for a quick cash sale may be an attractive option if you are needing to raise capital for other interests.

A cash sale could be the perfect solution

Getting a quick cash sale on your home is a guaranteed, convenient and stress-free solution. You won’t need to think about repairs or re-decorating to make your home more appealing to buyers. At Sell Your House Quickly Farnborough, we will buy your property in any condition.

You won’t need to be inconvenienced with viewings or cope with stressful, price negotiations. We also cover all the legal costs associated with selling your property, and you have the option of using one of our solicitors. We will do everything for you. It really is that easy.

Selling your house in Farnborough to us is a quick, easy, no fuss solution. You will have an offer in hours and the sale will be completed within days. A perfect solution if you are in any of the situations above and need to sell your house quickly.

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